New zealand's premier inflatable water slides

This water slide has been developed for flat ground, gentle slopes or two flat areas joined by a small/medium slope. It can be laid flat over smooth grass, or raised off the ground over paths, driveways or rough surfaces.  It is ideal for community events, corporate family days, school galas or any event wanting something special to provide hours of entertainment for children.


  • 3.4m high inflatable at the start of the water slide to propel the rider down onto the slippery mat
  • inflated pontoon sides to keep the rider on the slippery mat
  • shallow pool at the end of the slide to slow the rider down
  • slide throughput approximately 200/250 riders per hour
  • suitable for ages 5-16

Venue requirements:

  • 2m of clear space all around the slide
  • electricity supply within 60m (or generator may be required)
  • water supply within 60m of slide
  • vehicle access 2 hours prior/post event to set up/pack down

Standard equipment (included in price):

  • slide
  • water sprays to wet the slide
  • walkway felt to protect the ground where riders queue
  • all hoses with fittings
  • electrical leads and RCD protection devices

Price guideline:

Base cost of slide Plus mileage Plus operator costs
$400 + GST (4hr hire)
then add mileage and operator costs
85 cents/km + GST
from our base in Pukekohe
$30 p/h per person + GST
including travel, set up, pack down
Choose your slide configuration from the options below and contact us for a quote.

Mega Mountain: image of configuration A with extensions added

Mega Mountain: video of configuration A 

Standard slide configurations:

A. Slippery mat on ground


  • requires smooth grass surface
  • 28m overall length (can be extended if slope available)
  • 4.5m overall width (not incl. anchor ropes)

B. Slippery mat lifted off ground

  • suitable for smooth grass or rough surfaces
    e.g. across a driveway
  • 20m overall length
  • 4.5m overall width (not incl. anchor ropes)

C. No slippery mat (short slide)

  • ideal for smaller areas with or without smooth grass surface
  • 16m overall length
  • 4.5m overall width (not incl. anchor ropes)